Department of Neurosurgery

Director – Professor Andrew Kaye 
Deputy Director – Mr John Laidlaw 

The Department of Neurosurgery has active laboratory brain research programs, which augment each of the clinical specialised programs undertaken by the department alone and in conjunction with the Department of Neurology. The specialised clinical programs include Brain Tumours, Epilepsy, Intracranial Aneurysms, Neuro-endocrinology, Pituitary Tumours, Neuro-Ophthalmology, Brain Trauma, Cerebrovascular, Spinal Disorders, Pain Surgery and Functional Neurosurgery. We believe that over the next ten years it will be possible for us to use our understanding of brain cancers to develop new therapies. 

Our laboratories have made considerable progress in developing potential “novel” targets for biological therapies and we have every expectation that it will be possible to develop effective therapies for brain cancer in the future. However, further funding is vital to enable the work to continue. Our laboratories are in a very special position, in that we are able to collaborate closely with many national and international research institutes, thereby increasing the rate of the progress of science.
Doctor looking at brain scan
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